In 1998, the history of Lathom was – and had been for centuries, surrounded by myths, folklore and academic argument. Work involving archaeologists, researchers, historians and our own members since Lathom Park Trust was informally set up in 1998 before its formal launch in 2000, has gone some way to discovering the real truths. Significant Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval settlements have been discovered along with ancient Parklands – details of which can be found on preceding pages....

Jamie’s Blog

Latham Spa Roughs Survey Lathom Park Trust has finished for this season at least a survey of Spa Roughs, on the edge of Lathom Park. Its been a fantastic effort aided by a team of volunteers, that included students from Edge Hill University who braved all manners of weathers to discover more about Lathoms fascinating past. Not only did it mean facing the weathers, but also pitting ourselves against the vegetation. The area is woodland and there is a vast density of underbrush, more specifically...

Aims of the Trust

To advance the education of the public in the history of Lathom Park primarily but not exclusively through: Carrying out and supporting historical and archaeological research and surveys within Lathom Park and the dissemination of the results of such research. Promoting the historical and archaeological significance of Lathom Park and encouraging the indentification, protection and preservation of significant sites. Offering and supporting training for the general ...