NEW PROJECT ‘A Life In Service’

We are pleased to announce that Lathom Park Trust is undertaking a new research-based project. Entitled 'A Life In Service' the project will focus on the staff of Lathom House over the period 1725-1925. We will be researching the lives of the staff members, their families and their stories with a view to publishing the material in various formats over the coming years. The trustees are already in the process of transcribing census records in order to identify potential research subjects and ...

Statement: Lathom Park Trust’s Position On The Solar Farm Plans

As many of you will be aware plans have been submitted by NSG for the construction of a solar farm in Lathom on the "Land To The East Of Lords Cottage, Hall Lane And Pilkington Technology Centre, Hall Lane". Full details of this planning application can be found on the West Lancashire Borough Council website by clicking here. Lathom Park Trust recently wrote the following letter to the local planning committee: "Lathom Park Trust is concerned about the possibility that there are horse buri...

Spa Roughs Update

Lathom Park Trust has finished, for this season at least, a survey of Spa Roughs, on the edge of Lathom Park. It's been a fantastic effort aided by a team of volunteers, that included students from Edge Hill University who braved all manners of weathers to discover more about Lathom's fascinating past. Not only did it mean facing the weathers, but also pitting ourselves against the vegetation. The area is woodland and there is a vast density of underbrush, more specifically rhododendrons which i...