Details of Trustees


Paul Kenyon

Chairman of the Trust Paul has lived, with his wife Babette, in Lathom all his life and can trace his ancestors, who also resided in Lathom, back to 1600. Paul’s interests include trout fishing in summer. He is also a keen gardener, producing vegetables etc.

Paul loves history especially local history. “I give lots of talks to various groups far and wide on the history of Lathom and attend schools to give children an insight into the local history which surrounds them"

Says Paul of the Trust “Over the past decade, the Trust has been involved in some major projects, surveys, digs etc. This coming year the Trust are carrying out a major survey in Spa Roughs, Lathom, where we hope to discover evidence to support the theory that the first Lathom House, belonging to the De Lathom family, prior to the construction of the 1485-95 house was situated there.”

“I think Lathom Park Trust helps to bring the community together and makes people aware of the significant history surrounding them, of which most people are not fully aware. I feel privileged to be a member of the Trust and to be involved in promoting the significant history of our local area.”


Jamie Quartermaine

Jamie has been a Trustee of Lathom Park Trust for 15 years since its formation in 2000. He is a professional archaeologist, who works as a project manager for Oxford Archaeology North, and has 30 years experience of research into the archaeology of the North West.

He is enormously passionate for the archaeology of Lathom House, and has undertaken numerous archaeological surveys and excavations within and around Lathom Park on behalf of the Trust. This includes the very successful community excavations and surveys undertaken in 2009 which provided remarkable insights into the medieval history of Lathom House.

He is presently undertaking a community survey into the moated site of Spa Roughs, and is looking to better understand the medieval history of the De Lathom family and also the Parliamentary defences during the Civil War siege of Lathom.


Peter Ferguson

A resident of Lathom for over 35 years.

A Founder Member of Lathom Park Trust.

Active in the formation of the Lathom Parish Council and long serving Councillor (now retired).

Currently a Representative on the West Lancashire Borough Council Conservation Areas Advisory Panel.

Peter says about the Trust “My over-riding belief is that people who live in Lathom have chosen to live in Lathom. Therefore the Trust has a major responsibility to protect and research the unique historical environment as best as possible, whilst recognising that appropriate local economic development is essential.”


Paula Keating

Paula’s interests include most outdoor activities including running-she has completed 12 marathons and long distance walking events. She is also interested in local history.

Paula believes the Trust helps Lathom "By organising events that engage the local community. This often involves working with other Voluntary agencies such as CVS (Council for Voluntary Services), Lathom Parish Council and Burscough Village and Canal Heritage group. In May 2013 I organised the historic Lathom walking festival following a successful funding bid to CVS. This involved guided walks to a number of sites of historical interest in Lathom, some of which are not normally accessible to the public. This event was highly successful and received very positive feedback from local residents. It is envisaged that this will become an annual event.”

“I really enjoy being a member of Lathom Park Trust. I have made some really useful local contacts and feel that I have made a positive contribution to residents of Lathom.”

Andrew Beeston

Andrew has been a member of Lathom Park Trust since March 2006 and has lived with his wife Elizabeth in the area for over 47 years.

Andrew and his wife are long time members of the congregation at Lathom Park Chapel, and currently on its Committee. He is also on the Ormskirk PCC, a Tree Warden for Lathom South Parish and on Lathom South Parish Council. During his working career Andrew was a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, in a firm with offices in Liverpool, London and Munich. His other interests include archaeology, golf and squash.

“The Trust has contributed significantly to knowledge of Lathom history, and hopes to continue doing so, particularly about the stages and locations of Lathom House and the Remount Depot”.

Other Trustees

• Dot Hawkes (Secretary)
• Mark Hill
• Pam Nanson
• Irene O'Donnell
• Ken Vincent
• Ross Duggan
• Mike Glover (Treasurer)
• George Walls
• Paul Sherman (Co-Opted Trustee)
• Pat Boylett (Co-Opted Trustee)
• Hayley McMahon (Co-Opted Trustee)