Supporting Lathom’s Heritage

In recent years much historical and archaeological research has been undertaken into topics such as the site of the late medieval fortified Lathom House. This included excavations, stone surveys and geographical surveys. The body of knowledge has grown immensely but there is still much to discover about what lies hidden below ground and in dusty libraries and records.

As is often the case, the more one knows, the more one realises that there is so much more yet to learn. Archaeological research rarely finds a definitive answer to a question, more often it will provide clues, and generate more questions. Certainly in Lathom there is much more to discover.

Research is of limited value if the results are not collated and made widely known. The Trust therefore aims to become a central point where the information relating to Lathom Park can be collected, stored and accessed by everyone.

The Trust provides information via this website and social media and also by meetings, events and talks in addition to printed literature

Leoni’s classic Palladian Lathom House on the site
of the original Medieval Palace Fortress. Only
the West Wing now remains
Archaeologist Ron Cowell describing his Iron Age
findings in Lathom
Historian Michael Wood and TV crew visit Lathom
to film early discoveries with archaeologists Steve
Baldwin and Mark Fletcher