Chairman’s Page

Paul Kenyon, Chairman of Lathom Park Trust

Years of spectacular progress…but let’s not get too complacent.

It is a privilege to serve Lathom Park Trust as its Chairman.

I am anxious to see the Trust as an outgoing dynamic organisation, developing close working relationships with local schools and members of the general public to emphasise the significance of Lathom and our history.

It is essential that we encourage more direct involvement with all members in our many projects and activities. The aims of the Trust offer an open ended brief and as I was reminded by a founder member, the original topics of local history that people felt we should pursue, ranged from farming evolution over the centuries, vernacular building surveys and archive research to theatrical influences, education modules, archaeological projects and the “Northern Court”.

Following years of success in some areas, we have hardly scratched the surface in many of the others. There is a huge amount of Lathom’s heritage in English (and world) history yet to discover. This can only be done with your help.

If I can encourage more contact with members, who have so much to offer, but perhaps are a little apprehensive at coming forward, it would make my role as Chairman so much more rewarding.

Examples of the Trust's links with diverse age groups and events over the years have been well recorded but perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects in my many recent travels, giving over thirty talks and guided walks on behalf of the Trust, is meeting and chatting with people, when a passing comment can trigger off a whole range of fascinating stories relating to Lathom’s heritage and history.

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War_Horse_WalkWar Horse Walk

Pleasure_Garden_05Inset: Sir Humphry Repton
Lathom's Pleasure Gardens

School_Trip School trip to Lathom Park