Statement: Lathom Park Trust’s Position On The Solar Farm Plans

As many of you will be aware plans have been submitted by NSG for the construction of a solar farm in Lathom on the “Land To The East Of Lords Cottage, Hall Lane And Pilkington Technology Centre, Hall Lane”. Full details of this planning application can be found on the West Lancashire Borough Council website by clicking here.

Lathom Park Trust recently wrote the following letter to the local planning committee:

“Lathom Park Trust is concerned about the possibility that there are horse burials within the extent of the proposed development and which relate to the Historic Lathom Remount Depot.

Whilst a Geophysical Survey has been undertaken of the site this does not demonstrate that there is an absence of a horse cemetery at the location.

If the Council is minded to grant planning permission for this planning proposal, Lathom Park Trust would ask that a suitable archaeological watching brief is included as a condition of the permission.”

After extensive discussion at the last trustees meeting it was felt that Lathom Park Trust could only raise concerns regarding archaeology and heritage and thus the letter was formed along these lines. Any other objections are beyond the remit of the Trust and the trustees feel these are best left to local residents groups, Lathom Parish Council and other private individuals to raise.

The Trust understands the concern of local residents and other interested parties regarding this planning application, and the frustration of some of those individuals that we, as a Trust, have not raised more of these concerns, however as they fall outside the remit of the Trust it was felt by the trustees that making an objection on these grounds as Lathom Park Trust was not possible.

A number of the trustees have written (or are writing), as individuals, to raise several other objections that cover a wider range of topics than can be raised by Lathom Park Trust.

We wish to thank our members and the wider Lathom community for their understanding in this matter.